Helping people who struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, identity and anger issues.


I’m a psychodynamic counsellor, which means, in a nutshell, that I help you to identify sub conscious thoughts and process them in order to understand certain behaviours. Have you ever wondered why you do certain things?

I help people who struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, identity, and anger issues, and as we journey together, I will give you the tools to analyse, process and manage life’s challenges. I will empower you to find your own answers and identity. I also work with couples and do pre-marital counselling also.

What can you expect from me?

First and foremost, respect and full confidentiality. I will respect your ideas, cultural background, gender, sexual preferences and focus on you and the issues you want to fix. I come from a non-judgemental perspective, regardless! I have a Christian worldview and my style of counselling principles may reflect this, however, I do not try to convert, preach, or judge. My main objective is to be with you on your journey to wellness and wholeness and equip you. You can expect a professional service.

My Office

Maddie Williams Counselling Office Pic 1 Maddie Williams Counselling Office Pic 2

I run sessions via Skype, and have found this also very effective. I have a few clients who prefer Skype.
Night sessions are also available from 7:30 pm for working clients.

So…..let’s do it! Set up a time with me, and get ready to step into “YOU”.

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